Sponsors sponsors sponsors

The real start line of any expedition is finding sponsors. Money, money, money – because let’s face it, it takes a long time to monitorize life as an adventurer and it takes a lot of begging to companies. But with time, experience and some cool adventures behind you, it is possible.

My days are spent sitting at my laptop emailing. To an outsider it probably looks like I’m faffing because only 5% of my hard work gets a return. They just see that 5% and think the other 95% of the time your just secretly watching Netflix! As privileged and lucky as I know I am, I can assure you that an adventurer has to be putting in the hours calling, emailing and meeting potential partners. Its a stressy option at times – but an extraordinary one too.

Thankfully our hard work is paying off! We have successfully achieved about 40% of our sponsorship goal which feel phenomenal! We are getting there. So a huge thanks to Nuzest, the Transglobe Expedition Trust, and Mooncup for the support so far. 🙂

Laura x

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