Announcing our plan.

If you’ve landed on this page then it means you’ve taken an interest in finding out more about The Essequibo and our plan. So firstly, thank you for taking an interest.

The three of us, Ness, Pip and myself are cautious nutters. I fell in love with the idea of canoeing from source to sea, seeing the diverse life that resides within and around the river, all I had to do was mention the idea to my fellow friends and they were hooked too!

So we will leave the UK at the start of February and begin a two month journey to set a new world record!

3 thoughts on “Announcing our plan.”

  1. Oooh, now that’s going to be an adventure! Even hearing of this river is a new discovery for me, so I’m really looking forward to seeing updates on your progress! All the best and keep up these inspirational challenges!!


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