The Essequibo

Starting in the Acarai Mountains, southern Guyana, the Essequibo River flows for 1,014km through remote Wai Wai land, untouched virgin rainforest, unknown rapids, contentious gold mining camps, tiny villages and latterly a sprawling city until it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Even though it is South America’s third longest river, remarkably no team (male or female) have ever canoed the river from source to sea. Laura, Ness and Pip aim to be the first.

Because of the lack of human interference, the river has a vastly rich flora and fauna. More than 300 unique fish species have been discovered in the Essequibo including 60 that are endemic to Guyana. A significant portion of the upper river has never been travelled, making it one of the last great exploratory wonders of the world and a genuine world record in the making.

Here is a short video of our preparations…