The Wai Wai

The Wai-wai (also written Waiwai or Wai Wai) are a Carib-speaking ethnic group of Guyana and northern Brazil. They are part of the Amerindian population that make up part of South America and are an indigenous group. Their society consists of different lowland forest peoples who have maintained much of their cultural identity with the exception of Christianity which was introduced to them in the late 1950s.

Laura, Ness and Pip flew from Georgetown into Gunns Airstrip which is owned by the Wai Wai and cut out of the jungle. Since arriving the Wai Wai have been extraordinarily accommodating, kind, and they have also agreed to provide the team with men to accompany them, with to the source, and on the river.

The Wai Wai are not wealthy people and a simple flight (like the ladies did) from Georgetown to their community is often not feasible due to cost.

The the ladies arrived their first meeting was cancelled as the police were being called in to investigate an accident where a 7-year-old boy shot and killed someone. The Tashao (chief) is being asked by the police to represent the boy and the travel will cost money.

Although they are employing the Wai Wai for services and assistance to the expedition, Laura and her team are tight on finances and cannot afford to use additional expedition money to give to the village. Laura is adding a Paypal link here if anyone thinks that they would like to help the community a little in their lives and retaining their customs where they live – deep in the rainforest.

To give a donation to the Wai Wai tribe that we will ensure gets to the Tashao, please use the Paypal link to Ed’s account below. Be sure to add “For the Wai Wai” in the message box and include your name and any message of support you would like to send to the community.


From Laura, Ness, Pip and the Wai Wai,

Thank you 🙂