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In our view, Nuzest are leagues ahead of all other nutrition brands. The products focus on pure, natural and body-ready ingredients that let you function at your peak potential. We’re already users of the products and we love them! You can count the ingredients in Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein on one hand – and it provides a perfect balance of plant-based amino acids. The Good Green Stuff gives your body foundational nutrition including over 75 ingredients that feed all 12 of your body systems. We’re so excited to be using both products during our daily lives, during our training and to keep us performing at our peak during our expedition.

Use the code ‘expedition15’ to get 15% off Nuzest products while also contributing 15% towards our expedition.

You can purchase the products here


The Transglobe Expedition Trust (TET) was formed in 1993 some years after the successful completion of Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ and Charlie Burton’s record breaking, longitudinal circumnavigation of the world via both North and South Poles from 1979 to 1982. The trust was established by the Transglobe Expedition’s marine co-ordinator, Anton Bowring with Sir Ranulph, his late wife Ginny and other members of the expedition team and their advisers to support projects which, in the words of their patron HRH The Prince of Wales, were “Mad but Marvellous”.
Each year the trust gives grants of between £500 and £8,000 to projects which, in the view of the trustees, represent a significant physical challenge that, if successful, would progress the advancement of human achievement while contributing to science, education or humanitarian causes.
With our expedition being a two month canoe journey through unknown piranha and cayman infested water, I guess we count! So a huge thanks to TET for their belief and support.
For more information or to apply for a grant visit their website.


We are so happy to announce that we have partnered with Mooncup for this expedition as we really believe in their product.

The team has used Mooncup menstrual cups on all of their expeditions as they are so much more environmentally friendly than tampons and sanitary towels, and because they are a reusable device, a great space saver!!

You can purchase the Mooncup here.

NRS have been amazing, this company has not only sorted out all our water gear; boats, paddles, life vests to name 3 items on a long list! Pro kayaker David Bain works for NRS and has helped train us up for this trip! His teaching has been invaluable – from lessons on how to read the river to how to evaluate if a rapid is safe or not. This company really has gone above and beyond all expectations. Oh, and they have some insanely good kit! We will prove it by making a world first descent with it.

Check them out on their site.

The mission at KAYAK is to provide the world’s favourite travel planning tools. With every query, KAYAK searches other sites to show travellers the information they need to find the right flights, hotels, car hires and holiday packages.

Kayak have stepped up and sponsored a considerable portion of the financial costs of this expedition and Laura, Ness, and Pip are very grateful.

Check them out.

Unknown As one of our official sponsors Canon are providing all of the camera equipment to help us create some epic content to broadcast the beautiful virgin jungle, teaming wildlife and kindhearted indigenous communities we will encounter. We cant wait to share with you the footage we are able to create on these incredible Canon products.

Visit there site to view the products we will be using here



We wouldn’t be able to share our expedition with you if it wasn’t for these guys! They are the reason we are able to post content across our social media channel and upload blogs. Their input into the world of communication is invaluable. And we are so happy that Inmarsat are on board, to help us tell the amazing stories we will come across.

Charity partners:

Since Laura became a mother herself, she has become a CAA new logodedicated ambassador for the Children’s Air Ambulance. The Running the Essequibo team believes in conservation and preservation, and what’s more important than protecting our children?

When a newborn baby or child is fighting for their life, they need to get expert medical treatment fast, every second counts.The Children’s Air Ambulance flies the child to the hospital that has the specialist facilities that will save their life and provides intensive care in the air.

Laura said “I can’t bear to even think about losing my child because of traffic, especially when it can easily be prevented. Travelling by helicopter can be around four times faster than a journey by ambulance on the road. That can be the difference between life or death.” 

Please donate here 

Kit Sponsors:


Vivobarefoot is one of the most exciting new companies in the UK today. “
Vivos let your feet move like feet. No additional extras; just an ultra-thin sole that gives you maximum sensory feedback and doesn’t restrict your foot’s natural movement.” Although the team has conventional jungle boots (below) they have opted to also take amphibious adventure shoes that can be used whilst kayaking, trekking, swimming, at night after washing in camp to allow their feet to breathe and stop them getting immersion (trench) foot.


Powertraveller are the go to brand for all rugged and remote charging. The River and jungle environments require a system that is waterproof and durable and PowerTraveller have stepped up to the plate to fulfil this request. Purchase products here.


Altberg for years have traditionally been the best jungle boots on the market.

Ed Stafford used them through his Walking The Amazon trek and the ladies are taking them in addition to the aquatic adventure shoes listed above.


Unknown-4Food is so important – especially to our lovely Pip. She does not function without a full belly so we have partnered up with Outdoor foods to keep our tummies full and happy!

This food tastes like real home make stuff (because it is!) and we eat them out adventuring and at home! That’s how yummy they are.

See the full range of products here. We can personally recommended every type!


How can one spend two months in the jungle without a hammock? I’m so excited to be using DD Hammocks as they are a UK based company up in Scotland with a great eye for what makes a hammock work. These hammocks are so versatile and can be used in so many different ways

Buy their Hammocks here