Atlantic Ocean

Day 72: The Atlantic Ocean and finish!!

72 days, over 1000km and an extraordinary collaboration with the Wai Wai community to descent the Essequibo River from source to sea.

We have done it! We have arrived at the mouth of the Essequibo river. As we look ahead all we can see is the open Atlantic Ocean, a sight we dared not dream of till now as we made our way down the entire length of this mighty river. Reaching the ocean paddling side by side with our Wai Wai guides and our wonderful Guyana friend, Fay, who joined us halfway through has been extraordinary as it truly has been a great collaborative effort to make this all happen.

We are all exhausted, overwhelmed and utterly content so for now it is off to have a beer with our team, let the journey and memories soak in, have a shower (people are doing banana walks around us at quite a distance we smell so bad) and get some much needed sleep. We’ll write up a full update and story of these final days after that! Thank you to all our sponsors, our Wai Wai guides and also to you all for following and sending so many messages of support to everyone on the ground here all along the journey – we raise our beers to you all. What a ride.

More to come shortly…

The finale of a source to sea descent of the Essequibo River. Image by Jon Williams.